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The more complicated you make your finances, the more the tyranny of their complexity can rule your life.

1) What you see vs what you think.

If it’s a mess on the outside, it’s a mess on the inside. House, car, clothes, garage, body, finances. No different.

2) The un-manifest and the manifest.

What hasn’t shown up vs what has shown up vs what you think and do they match? If not, this can cause anxiety.

3) Write down your income vs your expenses.

POP your finances. Put it on paper. Take what you’ve been thinking about and force yourself to see it in writing. Feedback from students on this one.

Less bills to pay. Less moving parts. Less to worry/think about. Fewer checks to write. More money in the bank?

Charles Hugh Smith

Get Your Mind Straight. Get Your Money Straight.

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We discuss what you are not willing to give up to change your current financial situation.

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Economic Envy – 211 DSR

March 19, 2016


We discuss the dangers of keeping up with the elusive Jones’.

We ask the following:

– Since the word Greed is more commonly used when referring to money, is there a difference between envy & greed?

– TV was first demonstrated a mere 90 yrs. ago. Thoughts on it’s influence on Americas “Can’t Get Enough” attitude.

– Is TV’s influence intentional or accidental?

– TV’s appeal to emotion vs rational mind.

– TV, are we better off without it?

In the 2005 book – American Mania: When More is Not Enough we are reminded:

“Despite an astonishing appetite for life, more and more Americans are feeling overworked and dissatisfied. In the world’s most affluent nation, epidemic rates of stress, anxiety, depression, obesity, and time urgency are now grudgingly accepted as part of everyday existence. They signal the American Dream gone awry.”

American Mania: When More is Not Enough
Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television

Get Your Mind Straight. Get Your Money Straight.
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The importance of drinking purer, cleaner water

To get your mind straight, clean up your body. This is part 1 of a 5 part series.

– Clean up the vessel. Your body is a machine. Cleaner fuel – better performance. Body about 80% water or Hydrogen & Oxygen
– Drinking Water. Fluoride. Dissolved Solids/organs
– Shower Water. Shower head filter. Chlorine. Softer skin.
– Cologne & Shampoo. Skin largest organ. You drink what you put on your skin/head or hair. Can you water a tree with your cologne/perfume?

Aquarius The Water Bearer – Distilled Water
Showerwise – Shower Head I Use
Dr Bronner – Organic Soap

Get Your Mind Straight. Get Your Money Straight
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Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 5.30.29 PM

Thinking about asking the boss for more money on the job? Here’s a few things you might want to consider before having that conversation.

When should you ask?
Where do you ask?
What should you ask for?
Why should you ask?

The Freedom Manifesto

Get Your Mind Straight. Get Your Money Straight.

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What is money?
Your Energy. Blood, sweat, tears.

Don’t have enough energy?
If you didn’t you’d be dead.

Always Wanting More Energy?
You always have exactly the right amount.

Wondering why some people have more energy than you?
It’s not about them having more. It’s about how they spend/conserve what they have.

Action Tips:
Ask yourself, “If I want more money, why?”
Define “More.” Write it down.

Figure out how to:
Increase your dollar per hour earnings.
Increase your hours.
Increase your value in the market place.

2015 Debt Shepherd, All Rights Reserved

The Church of Yahweh

We talk about The Love of Money. Our guest is Ahyh, founder of The Church of Yahweh. It is dedicated to presenting the clearest explanations it can about the mysteries and essence of the universe, God, and ourselves.

We explore:
1) How do we separate the the love of money from money?

2) If the love of money is the root of all evil. Could we translate that to “The love of material things (matter) is the root of all evil?

3) Is how I handle money a reflection of my self image?

4) Ahyh’s thoughts on “Money can’t buy happiness but it can sure make misery more enjoyable.”

You can find Ahyh at:
The Church of Yahweh

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What the hell

What if everything you’ve ever believed is less than what’s real? Less than what’s possible?

What if everything you’ve ever been taught is less than actuality?

When do you stop asking deeper questions of why you’re here?

Where did you come from? Where are you going? What if Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, The Pope, and Anton LaVey don’t get to come along for your ride?

What if true happiness is smack dab in the middle of bliss and depression? Do you have the balls to stay in balance between the two?

Closing thoughts:
Subtraction is far more powerful than addition.

Your inner voice

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