“Great financial information that you don’t hear every day. I love how the episodes are short and to the point. Greg doesn’t mess around and knows his stuff when it comes to money. Also his guest on the show are real everyday people that you can relate to and share great financial wisdom and advise.” – JWFinancialCoaching (5 star review from iTunes).

“Hi, Greg, I’ve been listening to your podcast for about the past year and the teachings you have taught me have awakened me. I discovered you when i was getting into debt. I had accumulated about 12k by the age of 22, (24 now), with about 4 years of establish credit. And then I took a hard look at things I had bought amounting to clothes, eating out, and buying items that did not better me.

Long story short I realized I needed change. I started researching and learning how to take care of myself financially and started making moves. As of right now my revolving balance is at $500 dollars. After paying my debt off I started to question my actions, my motives, my decision making, and just overall how I think.

Don’t mean to rant Greg, but I feel like you’re one of the only ones I can relate to now being that the majority of mid 20 year olds are caught up in living for the now.

Just want to thank you Greg. You reconfirmed by beliefs and values. I now better myself everyday. I read and question everything. Upon buying something I now ask myself, “By buying this does this better me?” I now understand.”
Greg Garcia

“I am 38 yrs. old, from Germany and have started listening to money advice since last autumn. Due to this advice I am working on getting debt free by the end of 2013, which is pretty much likely to happen if I continue like I do currently.

I am really thankful for the free advice that I get from my US resources. We don’t really have anything compatible in Germany and I am currently working on an e-book to get these tips out on the German market for the average consumer. So I give my thanks to you for your podcasts that I listen to when I commute to work or clean my apartment.”
Rebecca from Germany

“There are few professional people you meet in life that leave you with a feeling of WOW! Greg is a person who is full of passion and vigor! He is a man destined for GREATness and will be an asset to anyone who brings him on board. I was lucky enough to attend one of his financial workshops and walked away with a totally new awareness of changes I can make in my life to ensure security for my future.”
Sue Marshall / Owner & Graphic Designer, ExpressGrafixandSigns.com / Nashville, TN

“Greg made a huge impact on my financial health several years ago with his “getting real” program. I now have only my mortgage as debt other than reoccurring monthly living expense. He also helped show me the way to pay my mortgage off in 5 yrs. Do take advantage of his knowledge…work the program and you will be debt free in no time. Well worth your time….do make the effort and attend. You will be forever changed, financially.”
Pat UpChurch / Corporate Manager, Clinical IT Education / Nashville, TN

“Greg is passionate in his mission to assist others with rapid debt reduction & elimination. His authentic spirit of service to others is a breath of fresh air! He truly does “walk the talk” and live by what he teaches others–and his enthusiasm is unsurpassed! Take advantage of Greg’s professional experience, insights & expertise. Debt is crippling so many individuals/families who don’t know where to begin to change it–listen to Greg and start there! Share Greg’s web site with your family & friends today.”
Jaci Ward, Ph.D. / Manager, TwinStar Properties, Nashville, TN

“I Highly Recommend Greg if you’re serious about getting your financial life on track and need someone with Integrity that you can trust to guide you and your family to Debt Freedom! He has become a close personal friend and I reach out to him when I have a client who needs guidance in financial areas of their lives. His expertise on Rapid Debt Elimination is second to none! I would add him as a contact or reach out to him for more information on his Financial Freedom seminars which is unlike anything you’ve ever seen! Here is an actual quote from one of my clients the day after I had Greg sit in with me to go over his financial situation: “I feel so different today, I am on such a high! I’m telling ya! I just lowered my car payment, upping my exemptions, and closed out my high yield account! Freedom here I come!” After our session my client told me he had a list of questions written down for Greg and never had to use them! Greg answered all of his questions and more. Greg gave him the clarity he needed to make a solid informed decision on the next step to his financial independence! You owe it to yourself to connect with Greg and see how he may be able to serve you!”
David Dallas, Ph.D., Spiritual Growth Teacher / Hermitage, TN

“The Debt Shepherd takes you to the root of how many of us get into the debt rut. With an attentive ear Greg is able to help a willing family move forward to financial freedom one step at a time. I’ve known Greg for over 12 years so you can rest assured that he is the real deal and he leads in this arena strictly from the heart. He has my 100% endorsement.”
Oscar Smith, CISM Chaplain / Nashville, TN

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