I’ll help you create a personal debt elimination plan that is tailored to your exact situation, then suggest action steps to execute your plan.

It starts with 1 to 1.5 hrs of live phone or video conversation. Then we do a 30 day check up to fine tune and see how you’re doing. After that, you have full access to me for 5 months. That’s email, texting, video conferencing. Whatever it takes.

Most people can be totally debt free in about 5 to 7 yrs on average,
operate 100% on cash (if they choose), never needing credit again.

Then safely and quickly build real wealth.

All with the money you ALREADY make !

Coaching Testimonial:

“I was introduced to Debt Shepherd via Robert Wesley Branch’s appearance on Debt Shepherd Radio (DSR). I found the show truly inspiring so I checked out DSR’s archives and discovered I, too, can begin the journey of getting out of debt. Wallowing in a mire of fear and worry wasn’t going to help my situation. I reached out to Greg and during the time between our consultation and coaching session, I eliminated not only three loans from friends, but even got rid of the payday loan.

I was very afraid to see the actual numbers but working with Greg is helping me to see the bigger picture and that I will be debt-free much sooner than my fears convinced me to believe. In a few days I will have eliminated another debt! I’m incredibly grateful to Greg for his wisdom, availability, and humor. This journey to becoming debt-free is teaching me so much about myself and it’s my belief money has a spiritual aspect. Do this for yourself…let Debt Shepherd start you on your journey.”

– Brenda, 35 yr. old from New Jersey

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