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What do you spend most of your time thinking about? Money & Sex?

In this discussion I’ll venture to say you spend most of your time thinking about Sex (early age) and then Money (as you mature) and then both.

1) What is sex? Six = Earthly matters. 666 The number of the beast. Animal, of the earth. Division. A seed fertilizes an egg. That one cell divides into two, etc. Two become one then one becomes two. Look at the number 6. Freudian representation of male genitalia. A lower case letter A is the same. Just a 6 turned to the left. It’s about how much can I get or how much can I give. Sound like money?

2) What is Money? The exchange of human energy. Pieces of paper or numbers in a computer that represent your physical/mental work. You exchange the paper/numbers in a computer for food, clothing, shelter, etc. It’s all about how much can I get or how much can I give. Sound like sex?

3) Sex and Money one in the same? Physical sex is exchange of energy. Money is exchange of energy.

Closing: Both Sex and Money are of the earth. Physical. 3D.
The point is, slow down. Take time to reflect on what you reflect on most often. Awareness is key. Be the observer as if you’re observing yourself having the thoughts. Practicing this pulls you, temporarily, out of being trapped in your body and worldly thoughts.

Resource: You. Practice meditation. Simple, quiet time with no distractions. Teaching the mind to be still.

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I’m Greg Whitaker reminding you:

Get Your Mind Straight. Get Your Money Straight
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We owe this topic idea to Jonar Nader’s book:
“How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People”

1) What would your workplace be like if you knew everyone’s rate of pay?

From your co-workers salary to your boss.
To the owner’s annual profit.
To bonus’ of everyone including upper management.

2) What if you didn’t get paid unless the company made a profit each month?

Would your attendance improve?
Would you be less apt to take a sick day, even though you weren’t sick?

3) What if before you got hired, your would be co-workers got to help decide on your hire, rate of pay, and saw your credit scores?

Why would these ideas scare you?
Why is our income taboo in America?
Knowing someone’s income seems like seeing them naked for the first time. Why?

Income is social status, zip code, education.
It’s a measuring device we use to make decisions about people, including ourselves.

Resources: To find “How To Lose Friends & Infuriate People”
Jonar Nader

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We talk about two listener emails and discuss the coaching process.

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Murphy’s Law – 209 DSR

February 28, 2016

Pastor Ahyh shares with us how Murphy’s Law has been showing up in his life lately.

Just because someone is a pastor, teacher, and very conservative financially doesn’t mean things can’t go sideways. Pastor Ahyh echoes the sentiment that it happens to the best of us.

He’s recently seen radical changes in finance, job and personal life that would cause most people to question everything including their faith.

The Calling – Pastor Ahyh

Get your mind straight. Get your money straight.

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Ode to Jim Thomas – DSR 202

November 14, 2015

Jim Thomas

This is a tribute to a broadcasting mentor of mine Jim Thomas.

He taught me about computers, microphones, voiceover, and so much more. Thank you Jim for sharing your experience with me and giving so freely.

Get Your Mind Straight. Get Your Money Straight.
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Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 5.30.29 PM

Thinking about asking the boss for more money on the job? Here’s a few things you might want to consider before having that conversation.

When should you ask?
Where do you ask?
What should you ask for?
Why should you ask?

The Freedom Manifesto

Get Your Mind Straight. Get Your Money Straight.

Debt Shepherd 2015, All Rights Reserved.

Nick from AK

We talk to Nick from Alaska and ask him what it’s like recently out of The US Navy, going to college, and forging a path in this crazy economic terrain?

Interview Questions:

1) Who’s your biggest hero?
2) Why college?
3) What would you say to folks in their 20’s, thinking about going back to school?
4) What about someone in school thinking about quitting because a full time job seems more lucrative?
5) When do you think you’ll be making “enough” money?
6) Where do you want to be in 5 yrs?

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What the hell

What if everything you’ve ever believed is less than what’s real? Less than what’s possible?

What if everything you’ve ever been taught is less than actuality?

When do you stop asking deeper questions of why you’re here?

Where did you come from? Where are you going? What if Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, The Pope, and Anton LaVey don’t get to come along for your ride?

What if true happiness is smack dab in the middle of bliss and depression? Do you have the balls to stay in balance between the two?

Closing thoughts:
Subtraction is far more powerful than addition.

Your inner voice

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