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142 DSR – Maggie’s Story

December 19, 2013 — 1 Comment


We recently heard from a listener Maggie who had this, among other things, to say about her financial mindset:

“For me, I have no debt. I paid it off several years ago after a job loss meant that I was in danger of not making the payment on my mortgage. I thought I’d been smart in getting only 1/3 the house the bank said I could afford…but it still meant that my house was tied to my income….If I lose this job, I can live for over 10 years with what I have in the bank.”

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Reminder: Free Coaching – Accepting Entries thru Monday 11/25.

What’s your number?
Grade in School
Hourly Rate of Pay
Bank Account
# of Kids. I’m the middle, first born etc.
Years on job
Age (again)

It’s all about measuring & comparing.
Physical objects vs People
Experiment for a day: remove numbers from your language.

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Listener appreciation – John from NYC sent us an email.
Rebecca from Germany sent us an email and some voicemails.

Mortgages –

I owe $64k. Have ability to owe $54k now and $44k in a yr.
If we prepay principle balance we can be mortgage free in 3.5 yrs.
Wife will retire in 2-3 yrs.

Do we stay and pay down the mtg? or
Do we move and borrow $100 to $125k?

Here – clean, safe, quiet. Pmt less than $800/mo.
2 BR – 1.5 BA, 1,200 sq. ft. condo

There – clean, safe, quite. Pmt same
3 BR – 2 BA, 1,300 sq ft. / .50 acres, fenced yard, add 40 min. to work commute for a total of 1 hr. drive to work each day.

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PODCAST AUDIO – click to listen

In this 113th episode I talk with Oscar Smith about the importance of financial communication in family & relationships.

– Who should be talking about money and why?
– Why wouldn’t they talk about money? The biggest reason people don’t or won’t.
– What happens when we don’t talk about money in our relationships?

– Money arguments
– Money secrets

Parting Thoughts:
Start the conversation as early as possible in a relationship.
Keep the money conversation open.

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PODCAST AUDIO – click to listen

What if we showed up for one reason and one reason only? What if that reason was to remember who we really are? What if, before we showed up, we made a conscious decision to come here and be in a place of forgetting. Why would we do that?

Some say we did that so we could experience the joy of remembering! How much simpler and more profound can it be? Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Maybe it’s like that. We decided to experience lack so we could remember how great it is to not experience lack. Lack of knowing who we really are.

Who we really are must be amazing. Especially if we agreed to come here and go through all this incredible bullshit. I don’t know about you but I’m ready to remember more and more of who I really am. And I’m wanting to do it faster and faster.

The ride is over and I’d like to get off and go back home.

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This blog post is dedicated to my wife Lynn and aunt Tammy. They both commented on a pic from facebook that posed a most interesting question:

What would the child you once were think of the adult you have become?

The child I once was would think this of the adult I’ve become:

Hey old man. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all. Congratulations on surviving childhood and puberty. Didn’t think you’d pull out of that marathon drinking career of yours but you did. You’re so much nicer to be around and you laugh a lot more.

You’ve still got a pretty wild imagination. But don’t keep it under your hat so much. Let it out for the world to see more often. I notice you still love to read, learn, and share knowledge with everyone around you. Don’t lose that bro. Don’t lose that.

Looks like you listened to Mom and learned to love people no matter what color their skin is or where they came from. I almost forgot. You actually are color blind! Seeing the good in most everybody means you’ve got more friends to play with. Pretty cool, huh? You edit what you say once in a while but I understand you have to sometimes do that to get along in the world.

You paid attention to Mom and Dad and learned what a sense of humor is all about. Cool beans. I’m happy you finally realized there’s nothing you’re supposed to do. Just do what makes you happy. Live for the moment. You still remember what it’s like to get excited about learning something new. And you still look forward to staying up late once in a while on a Friday night and sleeping in on Saturday.

By the way, your favorite color is blue. I think it’s great you spend most of your spare time talking to strangers on the radio. Remember, the only thing you got in trouble for in school was talking too much? Revenge is sweet, ain’t it?

Don’t be sad when other grown ups keep hurting themselves with self hate. You were once there and you eventually learned to love yourself. Give em’ time. God is whispering in their ears just like he did in yours. They’ll hear the voice.

You have a big heart. Don’t say I’m sorry for who you are. Keep waking up every day looking forward to what happens next. Teach others what you learn. It’s how us kids do it.

I just want to say how proud I am of you. I’m not mad at you for when you used to be afraid to be a kid. It’s OK to be scared sometimes. The world can be a dark place. Just remember to turn on the light switch. I know you don’t want children of your own, but If I had to pick anyone else to be my Dad, you’d be the one I’d pick.

You’re my best friend. I love you Greg.

What would the child you once were think of the adult you have become?

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Wake up America. You’ve slept in a TV entranced, pop-culture orgy of a stupor too long. See the track marks on your arms from needles of hyper consumerism? See the dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep? You struggle to stay awake in your hideous nightmare of plastic existence you mistakenly call life.

Your intellectual womb polluted, you’ve forgotten how to produce anything of beauty. Blinded by the razor scalpel of misguided self sacrifice, you can’t see your folly.

You’ve outsourced the right of passage of live birth to surgeons, outsourced the raising of your children to strangers in public education, outsourced care of your elderly to nursing homes, and outsourced the right of passage of burying your dead to funeral homes.

You’ve outsourced your relationship with God to churches, pastors, & gurus. And you wonder why you feel disconnected.

Addicted to a false sense of identity perpetuated by imperialism, you disguise it as patriotism. Others die globally at the hands of your war machine. Both you and your elected leaders lack the guts to spill innocent blood yourselves. You pay hired soldiers to do the dirty work for you and worship them for doing their “duty.”

You cloak yourself in the American flag to stay warm and safe from what’s really happening around you.

Are you evil or a sinner? No. You’re a magnificent spiritual being who remains in a state of amnesia. Something inside you tells you things aren’t right. Something inside you screams at the top of it’s lungs to rise above the smoke of lies and deceit. You crave to once again breathe the fresh air of your natural being. You desperately want to be set free from a prison you’ve unwittingly constructed with your own mind.

The only crisis you suffer is one of identity. You don’t know who you are anymore. Not only have you forgotten who you are, you’ve forgotten that you’ve forgotten.

You’re already free. You just don’t know it yet. You’re too busy blaming while you give your power away to people you call politician, white, black or foreigner.

You will allow others to abuse you only slightly more than you abuse yourself. Your body is a vessel, not a temple to be worshipped. Stop butchering yourself with breast enhancements, nose jobs, and liposuction.

The time has come to stop breast feeding on ignorance and misguided ego. No one in this life owes you a damn thing. Stop waiting for your check to come in the mail. Government and lawyers aren’t your saviors. You are your savior.

You don’t owe anyone anything America. Stop soothing your guilt with self hate. The time has come to eat the solid food of personal responsibility. Clean up your own mess as you go along. Don’t expect your children to do it. No one can do your work for you.

Standard of living is not the same as quality of life. Money doesn’t create consciousness. Consciousness creates money. Your checkbook is a window to your soul. Where you spend your money tells the world what is most important to you. Your greatest currency is love. Learn to give it and you’ll feel deserving to receive it.

Question everything you’ve ever been taught, including religion. It is your source of spiritual bondage. God is too big to fit into one belief system.

You’re already on God’s “A” list due to the fact you showed up on planet earth. Stop seeking approval from God and your fellow human beings. Until you learn to love yourself, you will never rise above your current level of consciousness.

You are not afraid of dying. You are afraid of living.

God created man in it’s own image. You are a part of God and freedom is your birthright. You are powerful beyond measure. Start acting like it.

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She came to be with us 10 yrs. ago. A black and tan cocker spaniel named Maggie. Tan on her feet, eyebrows, and butt. White on her chest and throat. 22 lbs. of four legged awesomeness, she was a perfect little hound dog in every sense of the word.

Her two siblings previously died of liver disease.  Both within 90 days of my mother’s passing. Then terminal liver disease was found 4 yrs. ago with Maggie and with expert veterinary care we were blessed to see her live a bit longer with very good quality of life. Thank you Dr. Michael Head & staff of Madison, TN.  She just left us a few days ago.

She had gotten sicker and we had to help her make the transition without suffering. I was less than 12 inches from her beautiful face for the last 10 minutes of her life. We spoke words of love and told her how much we loved her and to not be afraid. I thanked her for loving my wife Lynn and I. Days prior, knowing she was close to leaving us I thanked God through tears of sorrow and joy. Thank you God for showing us so much love through this wonderful little dog named Maggie.

We were there with her until the end. When the final bit of medicine was given to ease her suffering, I looked into her beautiful face and for the first time I saw the life force in the eyes of a living being leave. Her eyes went black. We closed them and hugged her lifeless, still, warm body one last time before saying goodbye. And it has changed me….deeply.

Remembering our 10 yrs. with her, I reflect on what she taught me:

God Lives In and Expresses Thru Everything
Many times during her life, I looked into Maggies eyes and knew God was smiling at me.
There is no living creature or substance that God doesn’t animate and express itself thru. Life’s deepest lessons are found when we pay attention to the subtlest of its expressions.

Being in The Presence of Loved Ones
Maggie loved to be in the same room with us almost all the time. She wasn’t needy or insecure, she just enjoyed being part of the pack. She didn’t bark much, only when it was necessary. She listened far more than she spoke.

Love Unconditionally
There was no judgement, ever. She was always glad to see us come home. Loved to be loved and enjoyed being held, caressed, and talked to. Her love was constant and unchanging.

Enjoy The Simple Things
After going outside to fertilize the grass, she always enjoyed a dog biscuit or “cookie” as we called them. This never got old. She was excited about it every time. She had mastered the art of taking naps and was an expert as just being in the stillness.

I encourage you to pay attention to animals, especially pets. I’ve heard them referred to by Esther Hicks as the great energy balancers of the planet. I know this to be true from my direct experience of being in Maggie’s presence for 10 years nearly every single day.

Thank you God for bringing us such an awesome little four legged teacher of love! In between the joy and sorrow I can still feel the presence of all that is. And for that I am grateful.  Thank you Maggie and thank you God.

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