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What do you spend most of your time thinking about? Money & Sex?

In this discussion I’ll venture to say you spend most of your time thinking about Sex (early age) and then Money (as you mature) and then both.

1) What is sex? Six = Earthly matters. 666 The number of the beast. Animal, of the earth. Division. A seed fertilizes an egg. That one cell divides into two, etc. Two become one then one becomes two. Look at the number 6. Freudian representation of male genitalia. A lower case letter A is the same. Just a 6 turned to the left. It’s about how much can I get or how much can I give. Sound like money?

2) What is Money? The exchange of human energy. Pieces of paper or numbers in a computer that represent your physical/mental work. You exchange the paper/numbers in a computer for food, clothing, shelter, etc. It’s all about how much can I get or how much can I give. Sound like sex?

3) Sex and Money one in the same? Physical sex is exchange of energy. Money is exchange of energy.

Closing: Both Sex and Money are of the earth. Physical. 3D.
The point is, slow down. Take time to reflect on what you reflect on most often. Awareness is key. Be the observer as if you’re observing yourself having the thoughts. Practicing this pulls you, temporarily, out of being trapped in your body and worldly thoughts.

Resource: You. Practice meditation. Simple, quiet time with no distractions. Teaching the mind to be still.

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Get Your Mind Straight. Get Your Money Straight
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195 DSR – Gas Prices

September 19, 2015


Why drive across town to save less than a buck a tank?
Does this train us into a scarcity mentality?
If gas is stored sunlight, how can we run out of the sun?

Ways to change a scarcity mindset.

Action tips:
Practice changing your scarcity mentality by living on less (for a while).
Sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it? Once you’ve lived on less, you can lose some of the fear.


How to begin living on less
The Minimalists

How to make your own fuel for your car:
Alcohol Can Be a Gas!

To better understand the connection between oil prices, politics, and banking:
All the Presidents’ Bankers

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What is money?
Your Energy. Blood, sweat, tears.

Don’t have enough energy?
If you didn’t you’d be dead.

Always Wanting More Energy?
You always have exactly the right amount.

Wondering why some people have more energy than you?
It’s not about them having more. It’s about how they spend/conserve what they have.

Action Tips:
Ask yourself, “If I want more money, why?”
Define “More.” Write it down.

Figure out how to:
Increase your dollar per hour earnings.
Increase your hours.
Increase your value in the market place.

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Alcohol Fuel – E-85 – Ethanol
Locally grown crop -vs- fossil fuel extraction

Why use alcohol fuel?
– Save at pump
– End global warming
– End wars, foreign oil dependence
– Decrease governmental control over you

Goodbye Peak Oil Aftershock

What’s available to you?
Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFV)
Conversion Kits ($365 my car) burn both gas/alcohol or any mix of two
No Conversion Kit (1/4 tank my car, E-85).

Why Alcohol Fuel? The Two-Minute Summary

Busting The Ethanol Myths

The Book:

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