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I recently had the honor of being a guest on The Robert Wesley Branch Show out of the Washington DC area. Robert is a film producer with credits from, among other things, The Discovery Channel. He’s currently working with Iyanla Vanzant and Oprah Winfrey.

His internet radio season four kicked off with part one of the “Finding You” series: One Day When I Was Lost. In the above interview we discuss Body. In the next few weeks we’ll cover Mind and Spirit. It’s all about balance, self empowerment, and you remembering how powerful you really are.

Most importantly, we discuss simple action steps you can take NOW to effect awesome change in your life.

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Your most valuable asset isn’t money, gold, 401k, or stock. It is, of course, your mind. Everything else comes from here.

Clean up your mind, clean up your life. Not happy with what’s showing up in your life? Clean up what’s going into your mind. TV, radio, magazines are all sources of mind garbage. Be careful what you bring into your mind.

The Three Basics:

Air – Learn to breathe deeply in meditation. Spirit is air. Practice whole body breathing. When you inhale you should feel your stomach expanding outward. You aren’t breathing from the chest.

Water – Drink the purest water possible. It isn’t tap water. You need distilled or reverse osmosis. Distilled water is a vacuum that pulls out the toxins and non-organic matter in the body. Your body is 70% water. Drink 1/2 to 1 gallon of it a day and see what happens.

Food – Avoid foods that are acidic. Examples of acidic foods: bread, all meats, dairy, pasta, chocolate, alcohol, coffee, tobacco. Acidity is dis-ease. Alkaline is health. These are basic laws of the universe and how creation occurs. Eat alkaline foods.

Clean up the above three areas and you’ll see radical change in your life.

Input = Output
Clean mind = Higher vibration
Clean body = Higher vibration
Higher vibration = Enlightenment

Fluoride Action Network (water)
The Choice Is Clear (water)

Give us a call on our voicemail feedback hotline at 615-200-7189 or drop Greg an email at:
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2013 Copyright – Greg A. Whitaker – All Rights Reserved