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Why the gov’t can’t operate without continuing to borrower money.

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What do people in power consistently use to keep people divided against each other?

Topic I’ve never covered. You may be offended. Not my intention and this isn’t an apology. It’s a call to rational thinking and intellectual curiosity.

Understanding Division:
Not talking about math. Today it’s about your mindset. Thinking about things that are uncomfortable.

What do people in power consistently use to keep people divided against each other?
Skin color staple for decades in The US. The civil rights act of 1964.
Now it’s anything at all: sex, gender, tolerance: especially if you speak out against Radical Islam or Muslims. Guns. Abortion.

Dinesh D’Souza’s YouTube lecture: D’Souza exposes the secret history of LBJ.
Quite the eye opener.

Why do they want us divided against each other? Very easy. So we won’t see the real reason nothing ever really changes no matter who is in office.

What if racism is a smokescreen?
What if the real division among us is financial?
What if the real division among us is class? Class warfare. The essence of class struggle.

They keep us divided against each other to stay in power.
Racism invokes emotion. They want you to vote emotionally, not logically. Emotion is reaction. Logic isn’t.

Dinesh D’Souza
Jim Goad
Candace Owens
Michael Tsarion

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Just because you pay taxes to the government doesn’t mean it’s employees “work” for you.

Local Gov’t – police officers. Do they work for you? Try telling them what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. That’s what they tell you.

Your taxes pay their salaries, yes. And you don’t pay taxes voluntarily. You pay them by force of law. Punishment up to and including incarceration. That’s taxation by force. They’ll take your home and anything else they can legally seize (cash, cars, RV’s, etc).

Question your assumptions. Question what you’ve been taught. Question what you think and why.

Dunn & Bradstreet. Business search. These are registered corporations. Type name of your local gov’t entity. “District Court of…” “State of….” You’ll be surprised what you find. Every city, county, and state is a corporation. You may live there but the gov’t. Employees don’t work “for” you even though your taxes pay their salaries.

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Cartel Bank – 241 DSR

February 6, 2018

HSBC launders drug cartel money in US Banks. The US government allows it. Here’s why….

Netflix documentary “Dirty Money”
Episode: Cartel Bank
HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corp)

2012 Deferred Prosecution Agreement
1.2B fine, 5 yrs “probation”
12/2017 charges dropped in Eastern NY court.

US Gov’t knowingly allows large banks to launder drug cartel & terrorist money.
US 2nd in illicit money flows, 2nd only to Switzerland (Wall Street on Parade article).
illict money flows – tax free haven for the rich, shell corporations, etc.

Overview –
WSJ Article: “A 2016 congressional report into the settlement found that Justice Department
officials overruled internal recommendations to pursue a criminal prosecution, in part to avoid
disrupting the global financial system. The DOJ at the time of the report said it was committed
to holding individuals and corporations responsible for their conduct.”

US gov’t did not pursue criminal prosection. Why? In part, to avoid disrupting the global financial system.

Wall Street Journal (12/2017 article)

Wall Street on Parade

Narco Dollars for Dummies – “How the Money Works” in the Illicit Drug Trade by Catherin Austin Fitts

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The creation, sale, and distribution of human energy. Monopoly – created by law and is enforced by law.

For purposes of this discussion, the words money and human energy are one in the same.

1) The Creation of Human Energy – Congress borrowers money from The Federal Reserve. They make principle/interest payments. The paper money you hold is the IOU or Congress’ promise to The Fed to pay back the debt. How does The Fed ‘make” the money? An entry into a computer.

2) The Sale of Human Energy – The Federal Reserve decides the price (or interest rate) of money. They lend it to banks at an interest rate. The bank lends it to you at a higher rate and makes profit. Why don’t you have access to money closer to the point of creation and therefore a cheaper rate of interest? Because of the law.

3) The Distribution of Human Energy – The Fed makes it, the bank borrowers it. The bank lends it to you after they decide if you’re worthy of being lent to. Loan application, SSN, credit scores, collateral, assets, etc. They either say yes or no.

Look at back of your Closing Disclosure. $100k loan, total paid over life of loan if min pmts made. Expressed as a dollar amount and percentage. This is only in the last 12 months. The old TIL only showed the total dollar amount.

Closing: If you’re the only one who creates, sells, and distributes human energy is it possible you’d develop a God complex somewhere along the way? Why? You control the population. This control is global.

Why It’s Called a Bank – podcast
The Creature From Jekyll Island – book

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I’m Greg Whitaker reminding you:

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Taking a look at our pay stub and seeing just how much Uncle Sam “steals.”

1) Federal, state, medicare, & social security are all taxes. In my case, it’s federal, Medicare & Social Security. 23%.

Look at these deductions, add them up, divide by your gross income. 1 out of 4 days I work, I receive zero immediate benefit.

2) Property taxes. Do you ever truly own your home, land?

Taxation is the use of indirect force by government (IRS). It is an extraction of your wealth used to expand the size and power of gov’t.

Stop paying your property taxes. Eventually the gov’t will take your home/land.

3) Government doesn’t produce anything in the open market. It is always a liability.

As gov’t grows, so does your tax bill.

My industry, banking, doesn’t produce anything either. It charges interest (rent) for the use of money and charges fees.

Not complaining. Reminding you to reduce your liabilities (debt) so you’ve got more money left to do what you please.

Ayn Rand

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I talk to the host of Gnosis Cardia on blobtalkradio and we discuss the insidious money cartel known as The Federal Reserve Bank.

Gnosis Cardia

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Why a 401k might not be the great investment you’ve been led to believe.

I’m a guest of Jon White, author of the book:
A Tale of Two Houses – his journey of buying a home the right way after buying one the wrong way.

What’s covered in this audio:
What’s happening to your money when you give it to Wall Street?
How annual fees are stealing your future wealth.
The less work you do investing, the less profit you make.
The take away? 401k investing might not be what you think it is.


Jon White – website
The Retirement Gamble – PBS documentary
How Wall Street Fleeces America – book
Wall Street on Parade – website

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