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What is it about paper and ink that fascinates us? What do you mean, Greg, paper and ink? I’m talking about laws. Laws start out as bills and eventually become a piece of paper with ink that government says you now are subject to obeying. If you don’t obey, you pay. Right?

So it stands to reason the more laws they write the more they can get you to pay. What does government do? It creates pieces of paper called laws. Every year they create more and more and more of these pieces of paper. And government keeps getting bigger and bigger. And you keep losing more and more of your freedom.

Why do we think we need things written on paper in order to live our lives? I hear you saying, “Without laws we’d live in total chaos.” Really? What about the laws of nature? What about the laws of the universe? They aren’t written on a piece of paper. They stand the test of time because we are able to observe them in action in nature over and over again. They are reliable and observable by everyone on the planet, regardless of culture or government. They are equally as unforgiving as they are generous.

Take a look at this system of government that’s choking the planet. It creates pieces of paper that tell you how you can and can’t live your life. And you pay for it in the form of taxation. Government doesn’t produce anything other than pieces of paper. And remember, behind every piece of paper (law) there’s a gun. A gun ready to take by force your time or money.

What other pieces of paper with ink do we see that have made life on this planet miserable? Look around you. Money is used to control everything. What is money? Paper with ink on it. Gotta have some, gotta have more, gotta “make” more. Right?

We don’t need pieces of paper to live our lives in harmony with each other. You showed up in this world with nothing in your pockets and you’ll leave this world the same. In the final analysis you can’t take anything with you. That includes pieces of paper whether they are laws or bills known as currency or money.

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  1. As always, thank you for your support and encouragement Erin.

  2. Hey Greg, Your message is spot on as always, clear & concise. You rock!!!

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