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How money is created:
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The Promissory Note:
Where It All Starts

Birth Certificates:
The Mother Load of All Promissory Notes

“Since 1933 every new child born was required to be ‘registered’, thereby creating a Corporate Person, effectively denying that child any rights as an owner of Real Property.
The act of registering a child contracted them as chattel, and the birth record was a deceptive legal way of getting the parents to sign the baby away. The birth record was in fact a promissory note that was converted into a slave bond, which was then sold to a private reserve bank effectively giving ownership of the child to the bank.”

– / Removing The Veil / The Slavery System

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An OPPT update. These times they are a’ changin’! Get over to and check out the latest. All corporations, governments, and banks have been foreclosed on world wide. They are money slavery systems and their time has come to an end.

Imagine a world where borrowing money is no longer necessary, wanted, or needed. Imagine a world where you no longer have to work to live. Imagine a world where all wealth is equally distributed to each human on the planet.


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