062 DSR – Money: The Magnifying Glass

November 9, 2012 — 1 Comment

Magnifying Glass

If I had more money, my life would get better. I could do what I really want to do. I’d change. I wouldn’t be mad at the world anymore. People would finally respect me. They’d love me. I could impress people. They’d think I was smart.

If I won the lottery I’d tell my boss to stick this job up his butt. I could finally give some money to charity. The scenarios go on, don’t they?

If you’re an idiot making $20k/year you’ll be an even bigger idiot making $200k/year. I hear you having that lame conversation in your head right now, “No, not me. I’m different. And even if I’m still miserable with more money at least I’ll be miserable AND comfortable.” Comfortable is dangerous. It keeps you from kicking your own ass.

Money is the great equalizer, isn’t it? It levels the playing field when you’re out looking for a mate. It’s like perfume that attracts prey. Make a mistake and money can cover it up. Live recklessly and money can bring order out of chaos. Get arrested and buy your way out of it. Rich people do it all the time, don’t they?

It’s easy to think if we just had some more money we could really start living life. There’s only one problem. Whether you’ve got money or not, you’re still living life. How are you living $10/hr and what would magically change about who you really are if you started making $100/hr?

Money is like a magnifying glass. It distorts the image and blows it up so you can see all the small details of the object you’re examining. More money shows the world all the small details of who you really are. Where/how you spend is an expression of what’s important to you.

Money is an excuse we use to live lives of mediocrity. I can’t because I’ve got bills. I can’t because I’ve got a mortgage payment. Once we get some money we’ll live our dreams. No matter how much money you’ve got, you’re living your dream right now. If you aren’t happy with what you’re dreaming, you screwed up somewhere in this equation. You just use lack of money as an excuse. And the hamster on the treadmill marches on.

Money is a magnifying glass showing the world the real you. Money is a mirror that shows you the real you. Don’t like what you see? Buying a bigger mirror isn’t going to solve the problem. You can’t change the mirror. You can change you.

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