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July 4, 2018

What do the 4th of July and getting out of debt have in common?

4th of July –
America celebrating independence from a tyrannical king. Getting out from under outside control of another nation and person.

Declare Independence from Banks –
I thinks it’s safe to say The 4th of July is an analogy Debt Shepherd can use. Breaking away from the power, control, dependency we have on banks. Not paying rent for the use of someone else’s money (interest) all our lives.

Saving –
I recently heard a speaker say “You can’t save your way to wealth.” That’s true because of the hidden tax of inflation. As time goes by, your dollars have less purchasing power due to rising prices. Rising prices are due to increase in money supply.

Investing –
If saving can’t get you wealth, what can? Investing in something that is getting you a high enough rate of return that not only beats the rate of inflation but then some.

Rich Dad Poor Dad (book)
The Creature from Jekyll Island (book)
The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing (book)

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