121 DSR – Why Wait for Your Money?

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Why do we have to always wait to get paid?
Your employer is getting the benefit of your labor the second you perform the work. Why wait two weeks to get paid?

Why is the model: Work now, get the reward later?
Sacrifice for 30 yrs. then get the reward (401k, paid off home).

Who invented the 40 hr. work week anyway?
Who invented the 30 yr. mortgage anyway?
Who invented the 401k anyway?

What if you got paid the second you did the work? Immediate exchange of energy.

What if you only had to work 20 hrs. a week? And got the same benefit of lifestyle.

What if you only had to pay 10 yrs. (or less) to own your home?
How about 5 yrs. or less?

What if a 401k wasn’t necessary? No need to earn “interest” to grow your savings.

Why are we so obsessed with ownership?
What about own nothing, control everything?
Or own nothing, have access to everything?

Ultimate Question:
What if you didn’t have to work for money? What if you didn’t have to work to get the things you need (food, clothing, shelter)? Why do we have to “work” for these things?

40 hr work week
How Ford Motor Companyt went from a 6 to 5 day work week.
Less hours but more production demanded.
Profit driven?

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