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April 8, 2018

How to protect your financial privacy.

Let’s start at home:
Shredders –
$45. Cross Cut not strip cut. Don’t let it pile up. What to shred? Bank statements, documents with acct #’s, SSN, picture ID. Once trash is on the curb, it’s open game.

VPN – Virtual Private Network
vyprVPN software. Free download, 3 days free. Low monthly fee. Fast install on desktop or mobile. Masks your IP address (street address of your computer). Blocks malicious sites like virus protection software. 100% Anonymity online? No. But greatly increased security and privacy. Bank app iPhone check deposits. Use it with VPN software installed on your mobile device.

Out in the world:
At The Bank –
Don’t write acct # on piece of paper and then throw it in the trash. Dumpster divers. People look over your shoulder. Cameras on phones. If you speak your SSN, lower your voice. Don’t lay any docs down and walk away even for a second. Direct deposit, can still get to know your local bank.

Personal story:
I’ve had my Visa Debit card # stolen at least once or twice in 18 yrs. Card Security Services called to verify transaction and I canx the card. $350 charge in CA.

Financial Privacy is your responsibility. Not paranoid, just increased level of awareness. Use a PO Box for physical mail.

VyprVPN (VPN software)

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