171 DSR – Charlene from NC – Interview

October 14, 2014 — 2 Comments


We ask Charlene, a single mother of 2 from NC, the following:

1) What is your biggest financial fear?
2) If you could go back to being 18 yrs. old, what would you change financially speaking?
3) If someone is choosing between paying a bill or tithing to their church, what should they choose?
4) Any financial advice for the ladies?

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Greg is a financial wellness educator, tireless ambassador for financial literacy, and the founder of Debt Shepherd.

2 responses to 171 DSR – Charlene from NC – Interview

  1. I was following your youtube videos but they stopped after your dog’s passing. Sorry for your loss. I appreciate the open spirituality you share, and I was just wondering… Did you get your house paid off? How is business?

    • Hello Mark,
      Thank you for the email. After Maggie passed, we brought Gabby into our home. She’s 2 yrs. old now and is a feisty little cocker spaniel! The condo we lived in, we sold it. We now have a house, house (no condo) and should have it paid off in 5 yrs. approx.

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