Debt Shepherd
Greg teaches financial freedom and is an untiring ambassador for financial literacy. He coaches people to help them get from where they are to where they want to be with their money. His specialty is rapid debt elimination. After learning how to quickly get out of debt, he began to help others do the same. Greg hosts an online radio show and podcasts regularly.

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A little more about Greg
Wholeness and balance. I teach people money doesn’t have to be a mystery. Most people can be totally debt free in 5 to 7 years on average using just 10% of their net income. They just don’t know it yet.

I host an online podcast. The main purpose is to educate folks on the basics of money, how the financial system really works, and how to get started on their road to financial freedom. Sometimes I interview people to bring variety and other points of view to listeners.

After 8 years in residential mortgage lending I took a break, drove as a courier, then returned to mortgage banking 3 years later. Debt isn’t a bad thing. I try to help people make informed choices and understand the long term impact of their financial decisions.

I’m a husband to Lynn and dad to Gabby our cocker spaniel. Lynn is also a banker with over 35 yrs. experience. Her mom was a 20 yr. banking veteran and her grandfather owned a small town bank in the 1960’s.

Four of my family members own their homes free & clear: my step dad, step mom, brother, and first cousin. You can too, among other things.

Mission Statement
We teach financial wellness and are untiring ambassadors for financial literacy. Empowering people by reminding them of their potential and greatness is our soul purpose.

Money doesn’t have to be a mystery. We exist to bring this message to all willing to learn. By integrating the worldly and spiritual perceptions of money, we suggest that balance between the two can be a key to wholeness.

Working with me
I work mostly by referral/word of mouth in a few simple ways:

1. One one one coaching with people to get their finances in order and under control quickly.
2. Public speaking for businesses & organizations.
3. Being a guest for internet radio show interviews.

If you’re not sure where to start email me: greg (at) debtshepherd (dot) com. Tell me your situation. I’ll do what I can to help.

Or buzz me on the voicemail listener feedback line:


2 responses to About

  1. Thank you for the comment Oscar.  Knowing the teaching is reaching is really gratifying.

  2. The Debt Shepherd takes you to the root of how many of us get into the debt rut.
    With an attentive ear Greg is able to help a willing family move forward to
    financial freedom one step at a time. I’ve known Greg for over 12 years so
    you can rest assured that he is the real deal and he leads in this arena
    strictly from the heart. He has my 100% endorsement.

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