019 Who is The Debt Shepherd?

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Who is The Debt Shepherd?

There are only three questions you should be asking yourself when listening to a public speaker (or podcast).

#1 Who are you?
#2 Why are you here?
#3 What’s in it for me?

Who is the Debt Shepherd?
DS teaches financial wellness and promotes financial literacy. Your host Greg Whitaker has spent 9 yrs. in the mortgage industry. He’s a true “insider” who pulls back the curtain and shows you there’s no mystery to money. He’s been teaching financial literacy since 2006 when he and his wife Lynn turned their financial life around.

Why is this podcast here?
To teach financial wellness & promote financial literacy. Change does not begin at the top (politics). It starts at the grassroots level, on the street, at home, in your economy. Debt Shepherd is a place for you to let your voice be heard, learn as much as you want to know, and change as much as you are willing.

What’s in it for you?
Financial freedom. But that’s so cliche’, isn’t it? Financial freedom is something different for everyone. We pull back the curtain and expose the wizard. As a result you realize you are in control. You have the power. We don’t bring you anything new. We just remind you of what you already know. We take seemingly complex concepts around money and break them down into simple, easy to understand language. We give you ideas you can put to use immediately.

Give us a call on our voicemail feedback hotline at 615-200-7189 or drop Greg an email at greg@debtshepherd.com

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Greg is a financial wellness educator, tireless ambassador for financial literacy, and the founder of Debt Shepherd.

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