078 DSR – Why It’s Called a “Bank”

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There are a seemingly few rare moments in life when knowledge is revealed to us that is so big we are in awe of it’s magnitude. I recently had one of those moments and knew it needed to be shared immediately.

Why A Bank?
Have you ever wondered why they call the place you go get money a “bank?” Where did this word come from and why is it used this way? It’s pretty simple once you see it in your mind.

The River
Picture a river. Nice and calm and serene. The river has two sides that are called banks. We say I sat on the bank of the river or I sat on the river bank and watched the water flow.

The River Bank
What do these river banks do? They contain, direct, and control the flow or current of the water. Pretty simple. Wherever the bank of the river goes, so goes the current. The bank contains the current or flow.

The Money Bank
You walk into a building called a bank and you’re there to borrow or deposit money. What does this bank do? It contains, directs, and controls the flow of curren(t)cy. See the parallel between this bank and the bank of the river?

What Is Money?
Money is a false representation of your labor, life force, or energy. You go to work and exert energy and in exchange you get a piece of paper called currency. It’s why we’re so preoccupied with money. We think money is our life force.

The Power
We go to a bank hoping they’ll be gracious enough to lend us some “curren(t)cy”, or life force.

When we think of a river bank we think of flowing water. If there’s one thing you literally can’t live without, it’s WATER. The connection between a river bank, water, and a building called a bank is not accidental. These are universal archetypes (whether conscious or subconscious) of nearly everyone on the planet.

No wonder banks have become so powerful and out of control. We’ve been duped into thinking they hold the key to our life force. Do you see the connection? These money changers are nothing more than priests who have convinced us we need them to live. They’ve convinced us they are the middle men between us and our own power.

The Matrix
12/23/2013 The Federal Reserve Bank will be 100 years old. The only reason it’s gotten so big, powerful and corrupt is because it knows the secret I just revealed to you. This bank does not contain, direct, or control the flow of your life force. It just wants you to keep believing it does. This secret is the brick and mortar of The Matrix. Those that control the money control the world, but only if you allow them.

Got Some Change?
You can change it. Stop using the banking system. Get out of debt and stay out. Don’t use their “curren(t)cy” or cash. Learn to trade and barter with people you know for the things you need. This monster called The Federal Reserve Bank can be killed. It must be starved. Stop feeding the monster.

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